Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule
Meetings aboard the Spectre will be vital to ensure communication between the Republic Navy, Jedi and the Clones is as fluid as possible. There will be 2 meetings held by the Republic Navy and 1 by the Jedi. The schedule below will be updated by myself when necessary. 

Officer Meetings - TBD
Held by the highest-ranking Republic Navy officer on-board the ship at the time. It will consist of Jedi, Commanders & Republic Navy on-board discussing individual regimental improvements, the progress of regiments, the improvement of troop quality aboard the ship and a preliminary training schedule for the week ahead. 

Republic Navy Meetings - TBD
Each member of the Republic Navy will be assigned to at least one regiment, they will meet with the Grand Admiral or Admiral at least once a fortnight to give feedback on the regiments they are assigned to. This will include; troops that are standing out, troops that are falling behind, the leadership within the regiment and the overall progress of the regiment. Promotions could be issued by the Grand Admiral or Admiral afterwards. They will also discuss potential ways that the Republic Navy could be improved.

Jedi Council Meetings - TBD
Members of the Jedi Council will meet to discuss matters concerning the Jedi. This will usually include; the progress of Padawans and Younglings, how to improve the quality of the Jedi, training for the week ahead and promotions within the Jedi.

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