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Spectre Roleplay Official Ruleset

General Gameplay Rules

1.1 - No racist, homophobic or pornographic content.
1.2 - No metagame (using OOC information for IC purposes).
1.3 - No attempted RDM.
1.3.1 - No "going rogue", it will be seen as RDM.
1.4 - No advertising of other servers, communities, content etc.
1.5 - No cheats, exploiting glitches & bugs, threatening to hack etc.
1.6 - No FailRP, minging or trolling (it's alright to a certain extent).
1.7 - An admin's decision is final, end of discussion.
1.8 - No loopholing rules, trying to find workarounds etc.

Roleplaying Rules

General Roleplay Rules
2.1 - Stay in character at all times unless in an OOC area.
2.2 - Always listen to your Commanding Officer.
2.3 - During a mission ordered by your Commanding Officer, do not go off-task.
2.4 - Never shoot a Sith fighting a Jedi. Obide the Jedi Rule.
2.5 - RP hours will commence once 8+ players are on.
2.6 - Do not abuse /comms nor pointlessly spam OOC Chat.
2.7 - Use the /me command for RP actions in-game.

Division Rules
2.8 - You may not hop divisions. You need to stay in the same division at least 5 days before changing.
2.9 - A trooper cannot be promoted within 24 hours of initially joining the division.
2.10 - To officially be promoted to the next rank within the division, your Commander has to verify it.
2.11 - A Commander may promote his troopers as he sees fit.
2.11.1 - He may however inform Fleet when a trooper is skipping multiple ranks.
2.12 - A Division may only host a tryout every 2 hours.

Equipment Rules
2.13 - Jet Packs are only to be used during trainings, events and other occassions with permission.
2.13.1 - Grappling Hooks are only to be used during trainings, events and other occassions with permission.
2.14 - Equipment like EMP will disable Jet Packs, Active Camoflauge etc. Use Common Sense while in RP.
2.15 - You may use stungun on anyone except Event Characters.

Piloting Rules
2.16 - You need to be officially certified. (PTC).
2.17 - Permission is required for both landing and taking off.
2.18 - As a LAAT pilot you are not allowed to engage aerial combat unless granted permission.
2.19 - All Hangar Doors that are open needs to be closed when you have taken off.
2.19.1 - All Hangar Doors that are open needs to be closed when you have landed.

Medic Rules
2.20 - You need to be officially certified (MTC).
2.21 - You are not allowed to spam-spawn Bacta.
2.22 - MedicalRP shall commence when under 100 HP.

Staff Rules

3.1 - All Staff will be treated as everyone else. No exceptions.
3.2 - All Staff Cases shall be taken by a Staff on Duty if there is any.
3.3 - Always cloak yourself before handling a Staff Case.
3.3.1 - Always cloak yourself before noclipping.
3.4 - Never use a physgun- or toolgun when roleplaying or near a roleplay instance.
3.5 - All Planetary Events or larger scale events are to be run through the Owners or the Head Administrator first.
3.6 - Always be extra friendly and helpful. Remember people look up to you.
3.7 - All Staff shall always help in Events if needed.
3.8 - As a Staff you do not have access to the Jobs you haven't applied, paid or worked for.
3.9 - There must be a Staff on Duty for every 15 players on the Server.

This Official Ruleset may be altered at any time to add, remove or change rules as we see fit.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

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