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Spectre Roleplay Jedi Ruleset

General Jedi Rules

1.1 - No abuse of Force Powers.
1.1.2 - No Force Jumping in inappropiate locations & situations.
1.1.3 - Do not use Force Powers that you have not earned.
1.2 - Only use Crystals and Hilts you have earned.
1.3 - No "turning to the Dark Side" for no valid RP reason.
1.4 - There can only be Anakin, Ahsoka and 2 Masters, each with a Padawan, at a time.

Roleplaying Rules

Lightsaber Rules
2.1 - You must only use crystals & hilts you have earned unless you're Anakin or Ahsoka.
2.2 - Length must be 42 and width must be 3.

Force Power Rules
3.1 - You must only use Force Powers you have earned.
3.2 - No Force Jumping in inappropiate locations or situations.
3.3.1 - No use of Force Powers in inappropiate surroundings.

Equipment Rules
4.1 - Use your equipment where it is appropiate to use it.
4.2 - You must always ask for permission to take off.
4.2.1 - There must be a valid RP reason for take off.
4.3 - You shall never spawn or share your vehicles with anyone restricted access to it unless valid RP reason.

Padawan Rules
5.1 - You must be a Jedi Master or Anakin to take on a Padawan.
5.2 - When taking on the role of Master, you agree to the terms of actively training your Padawan and tracking their progress.
5.3 - Anakin shall always be informed before taking on a Padawan.
5.3.1 - Anakin shall always be informed on the Padawan's progress.
5.4 - A Master can only have one Padawan, and a Padawan can only have one Master.
5.5 - A Padawan can only become a Knight after a trial by Anakin.
5.6 - If a Master resigns or is expelled from the order, Anakin will choose a knight to become a Master then assign them a Padawan.

Training Rules for Padawans and Knights.
6.1 - Instructed in Advanced Lightsaber Combat.
6.2 - The Ways of the Force.
6.3 - Diplomatic Solutions, meaning non combat and hostage situations.
6.4 - Tactics and Strategies

This Jedi Ruleset may be altered at any time to add, remove or change rules as we see fit.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

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