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501st Legion Structure

Ranking System

Enlisted Roles:

Private - PVT
Private is the first rank one will achieve after being trained. This Rank has no Commanding Duties, and should 
be used as normal Soldiers fighting on the frontlines.
They are capable of joining any branch when they pass a tryout.

Private First Class - PFC
Private First Class is the second rank a soldier will
get. This Rank is not yet trusted enough to lead
Fireteams, but on Request of a Fireteam / Squad Leader,
they are able to lead smaller teams.

Specialist - SPC
Specialist is the first major rank a soldier can get.
This Rank is capable of commanding smaller Teams within
Fireteams or Squads, and Leaders are encouraged to select
SPCs as Team Leaders, but are not forced to. Specialists
are able to Specialize in any Category that interests
them (i.e Recon, Assault, Defense, Special Operations

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Lance Corporal - LCPL
Lance Corporal is the first NCO rank a soldier can
receive. They need to be selected by a Sergeant First
Class, who will try them out for a NCO Role. After they
got the role, they are still able to specialize in
anything if they haven’t already. LCPLs can also lead
Fireteams, although they do need permission from atleast
a Sergeant to leave HQ. If none is available, they are
able to automatically grant it (will be explained later).

Corporal - CPL
Corporal is a Rank which can only be achieved by approval
of a Sergeant First Class, and is allowed to lead a
Fireteam without needing direct permission from any SNCO.
They need to have at least one Specialization, which will
be explained later in this Document. As a Corporal, they
can apply to get a tryout for Sergeant, or they can
simply advance to the Role of SCPL.

Staff Corporal - SCPL
Staff Corporal is the highest Rank an NCO can receive.
They need to be approved by a Sergeant Major, and can
lead Fireteams without permission Although, if granted,
they can also lead Squads, and can act as Leader of
these. They will need to supervise all the Ranks below
them, but cannot command them, unless they are Enlisted.
They are not forced to move to SNCO Role, and can be a
popular alternative for people who can either not be
active enough to be a SNCO, prefer being a NCO, or
other reasons.

Staff Non-Commissioned Officers:

Sergeant - SGT
Sergeant is the first Major Rank a Soldier can get.
They can be chosen by a Sergeant Major, but they can only
get a tryout when a Lieutenant approves it. After they
got accepted, they will be able to lead Squads,
consisting of 2 Fireteams, or maximum 12 people. They are
able to promote with the permission of a Staff Sergeant,
up to the Rank of PFC. They are able to create a ‘Task
Force’, which will be explained later.

Staff Sergeant - SSGT
Staff Sergeants can hand promote people up to the Rank of
PFC. They are still only allowed to lead Squads, but
cannot yet host platoons or such.

Gunnery Sergeant - GSGT
A Gunnery Sergeant is able to promote to any Enlisted
Rank, and is able to demote a PVT to get retrained. They
can now lead Platoons, consisting out of 4 Fireteams, or
2 Squads, being 24 People Maximum, although they need
the permission of any High Command Member to do it.

Master Sergeant - MSGT
Master Sergeants are a Rank who are able to promote up
to Lance Corporal, and are able to demote Private First
Classes down to Private. They are also capable of
applying for HC Positions, if these are open. They can
promote to Lance Corporal, if they get permission by
alteast a SGM, or a Lieutenant for example.

Sergeant Major - SGM
The Highest SNCO Rank one can get. This Rank is a direct
assistant of High Command, and serves as Leader on the
Field. They are capable of making major decisions too.
They can promote to any NCO Rank, without asking for
permission to do so.

Credits go to Toedeli for making this system

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