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Ranking System High Command

Can lead Platoons (4 Fireteams, 2 Squads), but is usually to be stationed at Base, or at an Outpost. 
At an Outpost, it is encouraged that an LT will be leading it, although if no LT is available, it will go through the Chain of Command, means, from CPL to SGTMJR, to see who will be the Outpost Leader. 
They are usually not seen on the Front Lines, but have other kinds of stuff available, so that those who play them won't get bored, 
means: LTs will, as already said, setup Outposts and such, and will be able to lead a HQ Division, means, 4 Fireteams, setup to build a big Position on an Outpost, and use it as Mobile HQ in General.
Can promote upto the rank of Master Sergeant with the authorisation of a Major+

Only one Captain is assigned per Branch, and leads Operations. 
He can't Command LTs, but they need to work together to accomplish their goals. All same Rights as an LT.
Can promote upto the rank of Master Sergeant with the authorisation of a Major+

Only 2 at one time. They supervise every Commanding Officer, and have Meetings with their Commander. 
They are responsible to make sure everything goes right in general, and that there is no Chaos within.
Can Promote upto the rank of Captain with authorisation of the Commander

Only 1 Commander can be there at the time. His job is to oversee everything that happens in the base aswell as outside, he can do this by getting frequent updates from his CO's.
Has the right to decide everything, and can promote upto the rank of Major.

Credits go to Koma

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