Jedi Application Template
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- Fluent English
- 14+ years old
- A microphone 
- Active and Dedicated
-Must be Master+ to apply
- Discord and TS3 Is a must.

Quote: Wrote:Spectre Roleplay Jedi Application

Full Name:

In-game Name and Rank:



Hours In-game:

What Jedi role are you Applying for?

Why should we pick you?

Do you have any experience with being a leader?

Are you active on both the Server, Forums and Teamspeak?

What is a good Jedi? Describe your own definition.

Describe visual, physical or spiritual differences of Consulars and Guardians:

Describe signs of another Jedi turning to the Dark Side:

A fellow Jedi has turned to the Dark Side. How do you act?

You're out in battle. A minor oil rig is on the verge of dropping down to the surface, and down there are 25 Clone Troopers actively firing towards the enemy. However, 20 meters away is Darth Tyranus, and ending or bringing him in could change the war rather quick. How do you act?

A Jedi is no Jedi without a lightsaber. Exactly how important is a lightsaber to a Jedi?

Jedis are far more superior than anyone else in the Galactic Republic. But does that mean Jedi has to show respect?

Recite the Jedi Code:

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