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- Fluent English
- 15+ years old
- A Microphone
- Active and Dedicated
- Discord and TS3 Is a must.

Quote: Wrote:Spectre Roleplay Staff Application

Full name:

In-game Name and Rank:



Hours In-Game:

Why would you like to join the Staff team?

Why should we pick you?

Do you have any experience with ULX, bWhitelist or bLogs?

Are you active on both the Server, Forums and Teamspeak?

Explain what OOC, IC, NLR, RDM, Metagame, FailRP and FearRP is:

501st TRP 1558 Kent kills 501st TRP 7392 Conrad for no valid RP reason, and Kent insists he did not RDM anyone. How do you act?

Niccy69 and LionKing1337 enters the server. They refuse to change their name and continues to overuse their mics whereas it's shifting to mic-spam. How do you act?

You're in the middle of an event, there's a total of 2 Staff online, including you. The other Staff has gone AFK and you're currently roleplaying. Someone is requesting Staff. How do you act?

Why is there a 'Staff on Duty' Job? And is there any specific rules bound to that Job?

As a Staff, are you free to become any Job you want depending on the situation?

Thanks for Applying!
Your Application will be reviewed within 48 hours.

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