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Clearance Levels Aboard The Spectre
Clearance Level 1:
This clearance level encompasses the Enlisted Roles of PVT and PFC within regiments (this doesn't apply to CG who require access around the ship for safety purposes), standard Clone Troopers, Jedi Younglings and Jedi Padawan - your access around the ship is very limited as you can only access the main corridors of the ship.

Clearance Level 2:
Non-Commissioned Officers, ranks of LCPL and CPL, gain clearance level 2 along with Jedi Knights and all VIP jobs (excluding RC), although your access is still extremely restricted as you can only access the same areas as CL1. 

Clearance Level 3:
The regimental ranks which are classed as Staff Non-Commissioned Officers - SGT, SSGT, MSGT, SGM - along with Jedi Masters and Republic Commandos gain CL3. 

Clearance Level 4:
High Command (Lieutenant, Captain, Major & Commander) within regiments, Jedi Council members and CG gain CL4, allowing them to access Floor 3, the Engine Room, the Armory and other vital parts of the ship, but they must only do so for legitimate purposes. As long as they supervise the Clearance Levels below them, they are able to grant them permission into other areas if they are needed - this excludes Floor 3, where CG can refuse to allow them to do so if they feel it is a threat to security, with exceptions to the Republic Navy, Council Members and Commanders. 

Clearance Level 5 (Republic Navy): 
This clearance level is reserved for the Republic Navy only.

Although these guidelines must be followed, they are also very flexible, for example, a PVT is allowed onto Floor 3 if they have a legitimate purpose to be there - such as requested by CL4+ or the ship is under attack. Also, if it is required for your role, e.g. as Medical Droid, you are allowed into the restricted areas necessary for your job.

Restricted Areas Aboard The Ship:
  • Regimental Barracks - You should only access your regiments specific barracks, being in another one without permission will make you AOS.
  • Medbay - Clearance Level 3, unless you are medical personnel or there to be treated.
  • The Brig - Clearance Level 3, unless you have a person that needs arresting or have permission to be there. Clearance Level 3 only allows you to access the lobbies of the Medbay and the Brig, not the areas behind.
  • Life Support, Gravity Generator, Fuel Pump & Engine Room - Clearance Level 4, unless you are 104th Wolfpack or you are there with permission from CL4 and you are under supervision - CG are also restricted from these areas as it is 104th's job to guard them as well as maintain them, if they require other regiments support they can grant them access. 
  • Armory - Clearance Level 4, unless you are CG performing a patrol/guard duty or you have permission to be there.
  • Hangar A & B, Sim Room A & B, the Citadel & the Empty Sim Room should only be accessed when claimed by a LT+ for training, tryout or other similar purposes.
  • Naval Wing/Floor 3 - Clearance Level 4, unless you are CG or you are there with permission and supervision. 
  • MHB Control Room - Clearance Level 4, unless you are a Pilot with permission to open/close the doors or you have been granted permission by CL4 to be in there. 
  • Bridge - Republic Navy, Council Members and Commanders only - Clones and Jedi require a legitimate reason to be in the area.

This post isn't fully complete and will require changes, so I will update it accordingly - Clearance Levels could lose access to areas without notice, it is a player's job to keep themselves updated.

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