Republic Navy Ranks
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Ranks Within The Republic Navy
All members of the Republic Navy will be referred to as 'officers' although there is also a rank of 'Officer'. Aboard the ship, the Navy always outrank Clone and Jedi but during a planetary event, Commanders and Council Members have the final say over Republic Navy officers as they are the specialists in infantry combat. 

The lowest rank within the Republic Navy - you gain commanding duties over the Clones but you mustn't abuse this power given to you. You will be assigned a regiment to supervise, but you will also be assigned to an officer at or above the rank of Commander within the Republic Navy who will teach you how to be an officer within the Republic Navy.

Although you have shown signs of promise within the Republic Navy, you still have lots to learn, but you are no longer outranked by Marshal Commanders and & Council Members. Your supervision by another member of the Republic Navy will continue along with your regimental assignment.

You are now of a rank where you no longer need supervision from another member of the Navy, but you must continue to learn. You can promote clones up to PFC. 

You have completed your training and the initial period within the Navy to be trusted with the job of teaching new members of the Republic Navy. You are now able to promote Clones up to the rank of Corporal. 

As a Captain, you are now allowed to carry out optional training for Clones, with permission from the Grand Admiral or Admiral and promote Clones up to the rank of Sergeant Major, as long as their Commander is in agreement. 


As a Commodore, your role within the Republic Navy is to assist the Admiral in monitoring the training of the new Ensigns and Officers to ensure that the training is of a sufficient standard. You can promote Clones up to the rank of Lieutenant, as long as their Commander also agrees with the choice and the Clone has been outstanding. 

The role of the Admiral is given to the most skilled and trusted member of the Republic Navy below the Grand Admiral. You have similar permissions to the Grand Admiral when he is not aboard the ship - you can carry out mandatory training for Clones, host Republic Navy tryouts and promote officers up to the rank of Captain.

Grand Admiral:
This is the ship's most senior rank, you hold the right to promote people to Commander and Marshal Commander. The other officers within the Republic Navy report back to you. 

This thread needs a lot more adding to it, so I will do it when I think of more stuff to add. 

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