Spartans ARC CMDR Blitz Application
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Full Name: ARC PVT Spartan 

In-game Name and Rank: Spartan PVT

Age: 16 

Country: Canada

Hours In-game: Unknown maybe 1-3 hours

What Division are you Applying for? Advanced Recon Commandos

Why should we pick you?
[b][b]I would love to to be the commander of the ARC due to the fact that i am obsessed with special operations all around the world. Like JTF2, Navy Seals, SAS, SBS, MARSOC, GIGN, etc. I think i would fit in with the ARC troopers because i am loyal, courageous, and honorable. If i do assume commander of the ARC i will serve the Republic with Passion. i think i should be picked to be the ARC Commander I hope you choose the good choice.[/b]

Do you have any experience with being a leader? Yes i do 

Are you active on both the Server, Forums and Teamspeak? i do not have Teamspeak (prob never gonna get that) but i am going to be active on forums server and discord

As a leader, is it more important to show skill and expertise or intelligence and wisdom? Yes

A trooper in your division has showed massive disrespect towards another brother in another division. How do you act? Blacklist, i do no tolerate that.

You are 501st SGT Tyre. Your Commanding Officer has given you the order of staying put. However, the Major orders you to the Engine Room. How do you act? Follow the Commanding officers orders because he outranks the major

A Division need soldiers to function. What would your tryouts look like? Hard PT (30-45 Grammar Squats, 4 laps around moonpool) Questions, Combat training, Recon Training, OCT, etc

List all faces and explain them: Left Face 90 degree turn to the left, right face 90 degree turn to the right, About face 180 degree turn over your right shoulder, Front Face just turn until your commanding officer is infront of you Lmao

List all formations and explain them: Single column, its in the fucking name, Double Column two lines behind a personal or in a division, VIP Diamond, 2 Paces away from the VIP weapon out on saftey, Firing line, line up weapon out on the Officers right shoulder, Advanced firing line is when the front row Crouch's and the back row stands up with weapon out, Prisoner diamond take that bitches guns away make a diamond around the prisoner. Tight wedge, backwards V tight, Loose, same thing but loose, 
Unfortunately this application is DENEID, Due to lack of detail, the use of "lmao" and it clearly states you must have TS3 and Discord to be a commander. You may re-apply in 24 hours.

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