Glenthezombie's CG Commander Application.
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Disclamer I was told by the CG commander to do the application has he only had to role to help start the server.
Full Name: Glen Jarvis

In-game Name and Rank: CR 2579 Fury / Recruit

Age: 16 - 17 in March

Country: Great Britannia (Great Britain)

Hours In-game: 1 hour

What Division are you Applying for?
Coruscant Guard

Why should we pick you?
You should pick me over others because I have good communications (even with a stutter it happens rarely) skills and a good sense of teamwork and respect which are needed to successfully lead a battalion especially the Coruscant Guard who need to be very clear about why they may be arresting someone and I can help people do this if they choose to join CG and I am a good leader who knows what to do in case of an emergency and even when under pressure.

Do you have any experience with being a leader?
I have been the Admiral and Grand Admiral on many servers so with that level and knowledge of leadership I believe I have what it takes to lead a battalion when I've been leading the entire ship / base many times over previously. I have also been the Commander for the Coruscant Guard quite a bit and know that for me there are certain regulations my troops would have to follow for example they would need to say the suspects rights and stuff for the republic when arresting them and only hitting people in certain places with the stunstick.

Are you active on both the Server, Forums and Teamspeak?
I am a very active person I currently do not have Teamspeak but as you are reading this I will set that up and I will be active on the forums as well when needed.

As a leader, is it more important to show skill and expertise or intelligence and wisdom?
As a leader you need all four of those skills to effectivly lead, skill to do the job right expertise to use that skill correctly and in an orderly fashion. Intelligence to know what the plan is in certain situations where you will need to think on your feel and wisdom to show your troops the correct way to do things and make sure they stay on the right path. If i was made to choose it would be Skill and Expertise and we are clones in the end of the day and we fight for the republic thats it so we need the skill and expertise for that the intelligence for me as a commander but wisdom is mainly a jedi thing which us clones are not force users and we definitly dont use lightsabers.

A trooper in your division has showed massive disrespect towards another brother in another division. How do you act?
Hopefully this won't ever happen in the first place as I will train my troops to be diciplined and respectful at all time, however in the case of this happening then immdiate Physical Training will be conducted which includes faces, burpees, running etc and I will also teach them the republic code of conduct espeically respect and how to treat others. If they show disrespect to another troop because of rank then they will be warned if its bad demoted and if its massivly as the question askes they might be removed from the Coruscant Guard if it was racially or homophobic they will be banned im sure.

You are 501st SGT Tyre. Your Commanding Officer has given you the order of staying put. However, the Major orders you to the Engine Room. How do you act?
I would act of behalf of my Commander not my Major because the commander has a higher authority level and therefore my loyalty lies with him/her if the CO tells me to listen to the Major then I'll go to the engine room. The engine room may be the most important but there are other troops on board the ship and therefore they would be stationed at the ER rather than me who's 501st can attack the enemy hence being an attack battalion. I'm sure another battalion would be stationed in the ER who are more equipeted than I would be.

A Division need soldiers to function. What would your tryouts look like?

My tryouts would start with some questions it would also be 2 strikes as the CG need to bring peace and order so I want only the best. What is your age? why do you want to join CG? what do you think CG do? Why should i pick you over others? then move on to conduct and regulations within the Coruscant Guard from how to use comms to state an AOS and a KOS and to give the reason why they have been arrested. Then it would PT trigger discipline and the rainbow gun test (i stand on the wall they shoot around me making a rainbow or arch and are not allowed to hit me). Then i would do some roleplay where i was someone who has commited some crime and they have to handle it correctly in a orderly fashion. Then i would tell they passes but keep a close eye to start with so they don abuse their power as if they did they would be disciplines ASAP which should not happen.
Your application is ACCEPTED, Please refer to Python on TS3 For a interview.

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