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Spectre Roleplay Staff Application

Full name: Glen Jarvis

In-game Name and Rank: CG CC 1010 Fox - Commander (CC)

Age: 16

Country: Britain 

Hours In-Game: 5 (maybe 6)

Why would you like to join the Staff team?
I would like to join your staff team because I love starwarsrp and I believe that everyone should have a smooth RP experience and no suffer from people who don't care and only want to disrupt the community, I also think that strong communities is what makes stawarsrp fun and enjoyable therefore I want to ensure this for everyone no matter if you have 0 hours on gmod or 1000 hours.

Why should we pick you?
You should pick me because I have the skills required to be a polite and helpful staff member from my communication skills to my kindness towards other people that I would be very happy to put to good use when playing on the server. I also think you should pick me over someone else because I am a very active and dedicated person who can follow the rules stated by higher up staff members and not abuse my position in anyway shape or form and it's this that will make me a better staff member than others as I know and fully understand all the rules and regulations needed to perform my duties to a high standard.  

Do you have any experience with ULX, bWhitelist or bLogs?
I have a lot of experience with ULX I use it a lot and am very familiar with how it works e.g !god !model !give !goto !bring !ban ! kick !jail etc. I have used bwhitelist before so I know how that works either hold C and hover over someone and use that to whitelist or type !bwhitelist and the menu appears for more advanced features. I'm not too familiar with bLogs but I'm 100% sure I can learn how to use it how it's meant to.

Are you active on both the Server, Forums and Teamspeak?
I am active on the server 4 days a week I can be on for a long time and the other 3 sometimes (depends on collage work). I am active on the forums when I need to be and to read any other potential Applications to give a +1 or a -1 or a +/-1 If it's a maybe. I now have teamspeak as in my commander application i Installed it then still getting used to it but i Am active on there as well it's very good for the speech part of everything I quite like it.

Explain what OOC, IC, NLR, RDM, Metagame, FailRP and FearRP is:
OOC = Out of character so if your just talking normally about things you may like or a game, movie etc anything you in game character would not know or talk about, e.g no one in star wars talks about McDonalds so its a OOC thing to talk about. IC is In Character so anything your character would be talking about like tryouts or your job or something to do with an event or someone else in game e.g Fox : The coruscant guard are the best. Rex : No Commander Fox the 501st are the best regiment the republic has. NLR is New life rule so if you die you cannot use information your previous life knew e.g the location of a run away clone you cannot respawn and run straight to them and arrest/kill them as that breaks NLR. RDM is Random Death Match so if you kill someone with a reason randomly so if two 501st troops starting killing everyone thats massRDM but still RDM and you can be warned, kicked or banned for doing it so DONT! Metagame is when you use RP information and turn that to Non RP information this is against server rules and you can be kicked and banned for doing so. FailRP is when you do something that is against roleplay like you jump around all the time or you keep useing the jetpack to fly around or keep igniting and deigniting your lightsaber basically you do things that your Roleplay Character would not do like tresspass etc. FearRP is when you pull out a weapon when someone has a gun aimed at you as in real life youd be scared if someone aimed a gun at you and so would your in game character so if someone has you at gunpoint you must comply with them and not fight back to pull out a weapon.

501st TRP 1558 Kent kills 501st TRP 7392 Conrad for no valid RP reason, and Kent insists he did not RDM anyone. How do you act?
Well first I would ask why he killed Conrad because for all I know Conrad would of been shooting first or made him kill him, but I would find out why and if it is within a good RP reason then I cant do anything but if he did RDM and just said he didn't I would ask any witnesses that were present when this happened and see if they think its RDM and if most people say yes I'll warn Kent and tell him not to do so again and Conrad to maybe try and stay clear of Kent for a little bit. If Kent kills him again and again its a kick and even more a ban. If conrad kills Kent back I'll warn conrad and explain the server rules once again so they are clear as day.

Niccy69 and LionKing1337 enters the server. They refuse to change their name and continues to overuse their mics whereas it's shifting to mic-spam. How do you act?
I'll ask them 3 times to politly change their name and RP if not I'll give them a written warning and if they still do more then I'll do 3 verbal warnings the third alone in an admin sit to give them every opportunity to change and if they still persist after that then they will be kicked and if they join back and still persist a ban will follow for a 24 hours and if they still come back after and mess around like that then a perma ban.

You're in the middle of an event, there's a total of 2 Staff online, including you. The other Staff has gone AFK and you're currently roleplaying. Someone is requesting Staff. How do you act?
As staff it is my job to help others in need so I'll put in OOC how urgent it is and if it can wait then we will wait to we are both free if not I will have to hold my roleplay situation and help out the player in need as it would be against the role if I didn't if im super busy they might have to wait a few minutes but I'll try and speed it up to as quick as possible but overall if it's urgent I'll be there or try and roleplay the situation if it's a whitelist and if im super busy say im in a tryout for CG they will have to wait a little bit.

Why is there a 'Staff on Duty' Job? And is there any specific rules bound to that Job?
The staff on duty job is for when you are not roleplaying and are purely a staff member to oversee the server and help out, it's used to quickly and instantly respond to any and all situations needing staff (perfect for AFK staff). The rules to that job is you cannot roleplay with it you can help out by modelling or spawning a prop/weapon/vehicle but you cannot physically be there and take part in roleplay.

As a Staff, are you free to become any Job you want depending on the situation?

Yes/no If it's an event and say the admiral is needed and there isnt one you could assume that role for the event but after remove yourself from the role, staff isnt a cheat to jedi or VIP its to help the community members so in events yes if there is need for more event characters you can model people and assume the role they cannot and switch back as when no events are on you cannot be any job only in situations where that job is required and no one else can ever possibly be that role.

Thank you for reading.
Your application is PENDING please refer to Python or SMURFY on TS3 For a interview.
Your application has been ACCEPT, Welcome to the staff team.

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